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HAVENS Healing Philosophy

We are a wellness HAVEN providing the community a place to repair, recharge, & restore. The body is capable of healing itself and we provide the proper ingredients. It is our mission to provide 100%  holistic, functional healing modalities to gently bring your mind,  body, and spirit back into balance.  We view the body as a dynamic ever evolving ecosystem that needs gentle nudges to begin the process of deep healing.   

Through our offerings of therapeutic massage, bodywork, acupuncture, functional medicine, advanced nutrient lab testing, meditation, wellness events, and wellness retail. Our experienced and professional practitioners are here to facilitate your path to wellness.

We love being a part of and sharing within the community. We are located in the Paper Box Studios in Old Kensington and our space, boasts a 700 square foot meditation and movement room. Monthly we feature a curated collection of art, home and wellness retail, and host interactive events such as healing vibrational sound baths, mudra meditations, and much more!


A HAVEN in Revitalized Olde Kensington  

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