Did you know that acupuncture is just one of the many classical therapies that a skilled practitioner can administer to invigorate the body, ease pain, and reconnect you to the present moment?  



A powerful ancient modality that involves the placement of sterile, one time use pins. The pins are placed intelligently and compassionately on the front or back of the body  to bring forth circulation of nutrients, neurotransmitters, and hormones. Acupuncture rids your body of stress to bring forth better physical connection and mental clarity.  

Works best for: Pain, INFLAMMATION, fertility, stress, Anxiety/Depression

-Intial office evaluation + ACUPUNCTURE 60min $150

-ACUPUNCTURE 60min $90


-ACUPUNCTURE + tui na (body work) 60min $90

Zhengu Tuina 

Literally means align bone/push/grasp. It is a hands on approach that calls upon the same principles that are used in acupuncture. More emphasis is placed on the functional movements of the body, and the range of motion of joints is assessed and treated. The practitioner may use specific hand techniques like kneading, rolling, pressing, and rubbing to align the musculoskeletal system to help reinstate full joint mobility. 

orthopedics, traumas, rehabilitation, sports medicine, & anxiety and depression



Cupping/Gua Sha

Cupping regulates the flow of blood and neurotransmitters.  It helps to draw out and eliminate the accumulation of toxins found in blood due to traumas, sedentary life, and poor nutrition. Cupping provides positive effects on muscles and nerves, and stimulates the micro-vessels of the circulatory system. 

Cupping therapy is suitable for the treatment of DEEP muscle pain, facial paralysis, improves circulation, high blood pressure, common cold, IT Band SYNDROME

Moxa Therapy

Moxibustion is an external treatment that involves the action of burning the herb mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris or Artemisia argyi) on or near the body. An energizing yet calming therapy used to bring circulation to tired and injured muscles and enhance the immune system.  Moxa both deeply tonifies deficiencies in the body and purges toxins. 

Works best for:supporting the respiratory and immune systems, treating allergies, and infections, bowel elimination, gynecological and obstetrical conditions; including breech presentation in late term pregnancy.