People And Business That We Partner With

We don’t just connect you with your maximum potential we connect you with our community

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Backbone Pilates + Movement Studio

Lara’a beautiful minimalistic space tucked away in the Paper Box Studios exemplifies her fluid and strong practice. Offering private reformer sessions as well as private, duet and group kettle bell instruction. Backbone will build your core and synthesize all over body toning with a multi faceted approach.

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Soundbath Meditation W/LUNA MAYE: A Monthly Series at Haven Wellness

The lovely and talented Luna Maye introduces us monthly to a new dimension of vibrational energy therapy with her “singing” crystal bowls. Her vocal-immersion sound meditations help new and seasoned peace-seekers release tension, improve focus, embrace the power of mindfulness and increase creativity and energy.

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Monthly acupuncture + cupping at URBN headquarters

HAVEN Wellness offers a break in the busy work day and brings restorative wellness to the URBN community. Our monthly functional acupuncture event helps de-stress, balance, detoxify and aid in keeping this creative behemoth in tip top shape!



Corey hosts some of our most in depth workshops and is a Certified Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, 200HR CYT, accomplished drummer and percussionist. He uses yogic philosophy and eastern medicine to help achieve inner peace and physical well being and Corey is deeply passionate about helping others do the same. 

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Our vision has always included lots and lots of plants. Peita Chang has curated this inspiring space in East Falls and we find ourselves filling our oasis with her seasonal greenery.“Vault + Vine is a small group of humans working together to shape the world we wish to live in. Our philosophy is that the world is a beautiful place and our purpose is to share that with you.”