Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the personalized clinical approach to unveiling interrelated body system imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. This methodology is based upon healing the three major body systems: the G.I. system, the neuro-endocrine system, & the liver detoxification system. Functional medicine aims to heal the physical body, so one can engage in the emotional and spiritual growth experiences that we need to live a rich and abundant life! Read below:


Neurotransmitter and hormonal balancing

Our physiology is dependent on subtle interactions of properly working hormones which impact brain function. When these hormones are not in proper proportion we can experience brain fog, fatigue, mood disorders, weight gain and become more susceptible to environmental stressors.


Micro and Macro Nutrient testing

What we absorb through our GI system provides the gateway to optimal full mind body health. By testing for nutrient deficiencies we reveal the clues to why we experience illness and how to properly modify our diet for overall balance.


Detox liver, Kidney, skin, nervous system

Abundant Health can only be had through our body's effective detoxification system.  The modern person is exposed, on a daily basis, to 100's of chemicals that interfere with neural pathways and proper elimination.  Through lab testing we can identify and then provide proper supplemental and support needed to aide an over burdened system.