It all started when…

Three distinctly different and passionate members of the Philadelphia community crossed paths and created a progressive urban healing “HAVEN” in Old Kensington. HAVEN was founded when Danielle White, Jason Rinker LAC, and Mike Bazis CMT collaborated with the goal to offer the community 100% holistic and 100% affective therapies. We opened our serene modern retreat in the Paperbox Studios in April of 2018 and each team member brings their wide range of healing modalities and strengths to inspire the innate healing potential within all of us.

YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE. Is a statement that we live by as it has inspired each of us to share our skills and personal stories about our experiences with chronic pain. From acupuncture & body work to functional medicine and nutritional consultations we listen and tailor our treatments to work with you for you. Our weekly insightful workshops and events give the community a sanctuary so they can focus on their internal rhythms.

We know that making a commitment to yourself and finding life’s equilibrium will lead you to maximizing what you already possess.

~In Wellness <3