Thai Massage

Your muscles need to be deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve their elasticity, your mobility and retain their tone. Thai massage is essentially assisted deep stretching. Add the compression of those stretched muscles and the charge of the energy exchange that you receive from your practitioner and there you go- yoga+massage+energy work-all in one 90 minute session! 

Your therapist uses their body weight to gently open the major joint and tendinous structures of the body. Allowing for a wider range of movement and gentle spinal and joint alignment. You have the ability to connect with your body through the earth beneath you and the passive movements that you are lead through. Done on a padded mat placed on the floor only adds to the "grounding" nature of this therapy. 

Is Thai massage what you are looking for? 

Do you feel emotionally stagnant?

Do you enjoy yoga, even if you do not have a regular practice? 

Do you feel mentally overstimulated and feel “out of body” or dissociative?

Would you like more mobility in your hips, back, and/or legs?


Our Thai massage therapist Alex Rodriguez also hosts our weekly candlelight meditation every Sunday at 7:30 in our class space. Learn the basics of regulating stress and the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis and end the week on a hight note.