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Movies & Meditation

By Rachael Katz

Recently I’ve been thinking about the similarities between meditation and movies, and how we can build our mediation practice by recalling how we watch movies. Movies and meditation each have characters and screenwriters. We sit comfortably to watch a movie projected on a silver screen. We sit comfortably to meditate and watch the silver screen of our minds eye as it plays our thoughts, images and personal soundtrack. Before a film becomes a motion picture, a screenwriter needs to think of the narrative. Screenwriters create masterful stories with a beginning, middle and end that leave us feeling a range of emotions. We are the screenwriters of our story, writing the ‘narrative’ of our life to date. These narratives also fill us with a range of emotions, which are sometimes hard to escape.Movies and meditation have characters. Film characters portray familiar archetypes- good, bad, evil, kind and more. The film in our mind’s eye also has characters, however, we tend to know them personally- kind Mother, evil Boss and angry Daughter, and we attach feelings to these characters.

Now, here’s how we can strengthen our meditation practice. At the end of a commercial movie we instinctually create distance from it. We think about the film without being too attached to the outcome. To deepen our meditation practice, we can do the same with our ‘mind’s eye’ film. Watch the film without becoming too attached to what is on the screen. Observe it, pay attention to the story, naming the feelings, thoughts and soundtrack, but create space from them. This distance will offer an objective, non-judgmental window, into one’s own personal ‘film’.

Enjoy the next ‘film’ you watch!

Danielle White