Glowing skin and deep sleep on your to do list?

Collagen supplements seem to be everywhere you look these days with doctors like Dr. Axe promoting specific brands. What is this protein and what does it do? Collagen is the main formative protein that your body's cellular structure is made of. Having its hand in all of your body's interrelated systems and paving the pathways for these connections. It basically keeps everything perky and well cushioned. Here is what supplementing with this building block can do for you now and in the future.

Maintenance to your gut microbiome = long term vitality.

Inflammation of the G.I. system can create what is called "leaky gut" which is basically when the integrity of the lining and cells of the small intestine are compromised. It is vital that this wall remains fully intact so the body can absorb nutrients efficiently and keep microbes and undigested food from entering into the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Many factors can contribute to the degradation of this cellular lining and even without symptoms, such as food allergies and auto immune disorders, your gut microbiome could be under fire. A less inflamed small intestine means better absorption of nutrients that the body can use to power our physiological and biological systems. Collagen fills in these cellular holes helping to keep the digestive barrier in tact. 

For the sake of vanity.

Your dermis or skin is a thick layer of living tissue and the body‘s largest organ. The underlying lattice network that makes up the skin is collagen. Collagen brings suppleness and bounce to areas that tend to wrinkle and sag over time. It gives the skin elasticity and the ability to expand, contract and then after to take its original tone and firmness. Collagen also provides the body with the ability to repair from exposure to UV rays, oxidation and free radical damage which can induce pre-mature aging. Over time all of our body's systems will degrade but with a little help from this protein chock full of amino acids at least our exterior decline can be graceful.

Collagen also balances blood sugar levels. 

One key nutritional component of collagen is glycine. Glycine, when ingested with meals, helps stabilize blood sugar levels by regulating glucagon a hormone that elevates blood sugar levels. It also helps to transport fat to be used by cells for energy. 

Sweet dreams are made of neurotransmitters.

Stress induces cortisol and reduces serotonin production in the body and at high levels cortisol depletes collagen. Persistently high cortisol levels can interfere with sleep and how well our bodies heal. Supplementing with collagen improves sleep by stimulating extracellular serotonin neurotransmitters which acts as a natural sleep aid. Unlike chemical or natural sleep aids collagen has no serious or adverse side effects. 

Maintain your athleticism into your later years. 

Collagen is a great supplement to ensure your present and future joint health and mobility. It's rich amino acids play an important role in the building of joint cartilage and it may also have anti-inflammatory effects which can delay joint deterioration and pain. Athletes are excellent guinea pigs for this type of research as they tax their bodies limits. Research has shown that a daily intake of collagen over the course of 24 weeks reduced pain in athletes joints and they also reported reduced symptoms and decreased swelling. 

We reviewed three of the top collagen supplements and here is what we found...

So the over under...cook with the Great Lakes, if collagen is already part of your diet and you are active the Ancient Nutrition was great, new to this start with the Vital Proteins and also check out their other products.

Have you tried any of these products and they are part of your daily nutrition regime? Would you recommend any collagen products that we didn't try? Let us know what you think!

Jason Rinker