Acupuncture and Cupping at URBN

Our Monthly Acupuncture Event at URBN Headquarters


Chill Out Mid-Day

This Thursday 8/30/18 10am-5pm, 50 minute sessions $60

Building 12, Third Floor, South Small Room

We are offering Functional Acupuncture with cupping to balancing the body, increase circulation and aid in the body's detoxification. The healing and balancing power of acupuncture is born from the philosophy that physical pain and psychological stress are due to blockages in the body. These blockages prevent nutrients and energy from flowing optimally and create digestive stagnation, lethargy, mental fogginess, chronic pain and inflammation. Each tailored fifty minute session will begin with a ten minute consultation with your acupuncturist to solidify your specific needs and personal intent.

For details and to reserve your mid-day session email us at @URBN 

Danielle White