October 5th First Friday Events

Join us October 5th 6-10pm for our monthly curated events

Featuring 20% off any service booked!

6-10 Plant based macrobiotic chef Hyang-Mi Le serves up macrobiotic fare and educates us about the thoughtful philosophy behind this balanced regime.

6-10 Junebug Botanical Muladhara magic with our Dandelion and Ginger Root "Scarlet Sangria" - which energetically works on the Root Chakra by increasing intestinal movement and digestion, boosting immunity, detoxifying the body while stimulating the liver, and banishing stagnate energy by reducing inflammation.

6-10 Tarot Readings with Kathleen Callahan. Daughter.of.wands intuitive readings have a touch of humor and gentleness. Kathleen is devoted to you and your journey in a completely empowering and motivating way, especially if you are feeling energetically stuck. Are you ready to hear what your soul wants you know? 30 minute private sessions $35 each.


7-9pm Rainbows of Healing Sound Journeying Through the Chakras Come on a transformational journey through the 7 wheels of consciousness clearing out the old and bringing our energy into balance! We will move through the 7 Chakras from root to crown in a guided meditation, learning experientially through sound about these spinning ‘wheels of light’ and their very practical application to our lives. Feel the soundscape of Crystal Singing Bowls, Native Flutes, Gongs, Monochords, and other sound healing instruments re-frequencing each chakra while finding your own unique, dynamic balance.

For more information about any of our events including booking times email us a info@havenwellnessphilly.com

Danielle White