Weekly Tarot with Daughter of Wands

“What is my next step?”

When we are in the thick and thin of life simple guidance can strengthen our intuitive confidence. Kathleen Callahan “Daughter of Wands” is an intuit using the sacred tarot, astrology and her personalized touch of humor and gentleness to evoke our inner purpose.

TAROT Readings every Saturday 11am-2pm, @$35 every 30 minutes

Kathleen will be hosting multiple events in the coming weeks, here is a sneak peak! (stay tuned for more info on our site)

First Friday October 5th she will join us from 7-10 pm to give 30 minute readings *JUST A FEW SESSIONS LEFT*

Lunar Embodiment Workshop Series (Oct 11): *A 3 part series working with the Waxing, Full, and Waning lunar cycles to use as a guide for your own life cycles.

In the first part of this series we meet to work with Waxing Moon Magic. You will be introduced to the lunar cycle, how it mirrors our lives, and how your personal moon sign speaks to the fated work each of us are here to do. Complete with a guided meditation, a tarot intention ritual, and a craft dedicated to this lunar phase. A take home workbook will also be provided so you can track your own lunar journey and bring to each workshop to share your lunar journey in HAVEN’s sacred safe space.

Stay tuned for the Full Moon & Waning Moon Workshops dates tailored around the perfect lunation calendar! We are offering the whole three part series for $70. Email- info@havenwellnessphilly.com to book.

Tarot 101 Workshop (TBD)

Divine Feminine in Your Chart Workshop (TBD)

For more information email us at info@havenwellnessphilly.com

Danielle White