When Worlds Collide

As seen in this month's edition of National Geographic, Americans are beginning to incorporate more natural healing modalities into their lives- namely acupuncture, cupping, and herbal remedies. These are often cheaper than doctor-prescribed pharmaceuticals and have synergistic effects for the body. 


For many years, western medicine dominated our health care system. However, the way we are taking care of our bodies and finding healing is shifting in a major way. Traditional Chinese medicine, a 2,000+ year practice, has been treating a myriad of ailments using hundreds of unique herbs and natural remedies.

When a doctor prescribes a specific medication, it acts as a band aid, only fixing the said symptom. Properly prescribed herbal medicine has the ability to correct the imbalances and bring the body back to a regulatory and harmonious state.

Have you been hearing about the newly popular DNA genetic testing companies?

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One offering of these services is to get a clear snapshot of your family's gene pool. Though we now know that we're genetically predisposed to certain diseases and ailments, how do we apply practical and preventative tools to our daily lifestyle? What lifestyle changes can we make now that will have a profound impact on your future health and wellness?

This is where functional medicine comes in. After a consult with one of our experienced practitioners, you will gain more understanding regarding your own genetic or biological predispositions. They will reveal system imbalances and nutrient deficiencies within your unique body, empowering you to make informed decisions about your own health and well-being!

Functional medicine consults can give you the tools to clear inflammation and infection from the GI System, provide nutritional support for your system, and support brain health through liver and kidney detoxification pathways. 

Take the plunge and learn how to hack your genes for longevity and maximum performance, just in time for the new year!  

Danielle White