Libra Season is fast approaching! How does Thai Massage relate?

HAVEN brings Thai Massage to Fishtown!


With Libra season fast approaching, it is time to connect and touch base with the community. Establish a mental discipline for stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to create lifelines for yourself. By doing so, you’ll have a sense of balance as nature begins to transition into the cooler months ahead. Be sure to tap into different sensations as a way to remain grounded in the present moment.

Thai massage is a collaborative dance that is an avenue to the senses. During our one on one’s, you’ll have access to our community and the opportunity to let our practitioner lead you through a sequence of playful movements.

Through this practice you will experience instructed breath, mental visualization, assisted deep stretching, and multiple external stimulants throughout the session.

Libra season calls for a deepening of your established roots, an expansion of your lifeline channels, and an exploration of uncharted territories.

Bee is our licensed Thai Massage practioner and is very excited to work with you! Book with Bee, below!

Jason Rinker