Treat the whole body through Facial Acupuncture!

The expressiveness of our face communicates with the world

Our face reveals what is happening deep within. We instinctively and intuitively know when someone is happy, sad or angry by reading their facial expressions. We even notice when someone is not feeling well just by looking at their face. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncturists look at the transparency or shine of our skin for indications of what is happening within the body’s energetic and physiological systems.

Facial diagnosis is one of the key aspects that a holistic practitioner will use to gain insight and bring healing to their client.

When facial muscles are repetitively activated because of the reactions towards emotion, we see creases in the skin which are indicators of aging over time.

Common skin complaints like dryness usually specify an irritated liver. While dark circles and under eye bags can denote adrenal exhaustion or food allergies. Red cheeks are a great indicator of inflammation in the digestive system and skin blemishes on the chin can show stagnation in the lower pelvic area.

Common techniques like acupuncture, meditation, outdoor exercise and quality of sleep, allow the organs and central nervous system to re-balance and relax. Once relaxed, we become efficient and optimal. Also, techniques like our new offering, Gua Sha (facial scraping) and facial cupping, stimulate nerve flow, remove stuck accumulation and relax tight muscles.

Not only can we learn and gain insight to the inner workings of the body through facial diagnoses, we can use the face as an interface to propagate healing within the body.

So let your face shine to the world!

Jason Rinker