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Full Moon Ceremony with Meridith of "She Who Can"

Join Meridith to celebrate the full moon in October.

The moon controls the ocean, yet we often overlook the power it has over us. With this full moon, we will acknowledge and harness the energies that are coming to a peak.

We will share in the experience of setting intentions and releasing that which no longer serves us as we support fellow women in their current struggles, successes, and everything in between.

Begin the ceremony by choosing a card from each of the decks and journaling on your first impressions, themes, similarities across the cards.

Meridith will then lead you through a visualization to bring up any messages or signs this moon is urging you to become aware of.

Finally, we'll write down what we want to release and let go of to (literally) burn away.

Please bring a yoga mat, a journal, and a small token related to something you want to bring into your life (ex: a penny for abundance, a rock for stability, or something heart shaped for love).

Exchange: $20

This event is for those who identify as female only.

About Meridith:

Meridith is the founder of She Who Can, where she empowers women to get out of survival mode to get in touch with themselves, nature, and their purpose. She is a spiritual entrepreneur, a coach, a lover of the outdoors, a new mama, a Vermont native, a coffee enthusiast, and tattoo obsessed. She has a true passion for helping women step into their power and become their most authentic selves.

Founder of She Who Can

Instagram: @shewhocan