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Soundbath Meditation with Luna Maye

Join us inside Haven Wellness, a serene sanctuary in the city for a unique and nourshing addition to your wellness practice: Sound Meditation.

All you have to do is lay down, get comfortable and receive a cellular massage of sound. It's that simple & that approachable. No previous experience in meditation required - explore your own potential for peace in a feel good way. 


Soundbaths are immersion in sound frequency that cleanse the soul. For people who are new to their meditation journey or struggle with knowing if “you are doing it right” (which by the way there’s no way to do it wrong) they provide an approachable way to drop in to your meditative state; a true effortless surrender - even for the busiest of minds. The relaxing musical presentations date back 1000s of years and have been scientifically linked to reductions in stress and anxiety. Researchers have found that sound waves affect the human nervous system and decrease blood pressure more than traditional meditation.

{ JOIN US } at Haven Wellness - an integrative wellness center providing the community a place to recharge, restore and maximize their lives for a uniquely curated Sound Meditation Experience. 


7:00 PM Arrive & get settled, catch up with fellow community members and { set you intention } for what you are calling IN & OUT during this powerful time. 

7:10 PM Vocal Immersion Soundbath - join Luna Maye for a deeply immersive and meditative sound and vocal experience. You will be bathed in the power of sound, listening to the tones of crystal singing bowls, various highly resonant instruments and sacred vocal melodies. A grounding and healing experience supporting natural healing of the body, mind and spirit. 

8:10 PM Explore Haven Wellness & Refresh and enjoy light fare & refreshments with your community while exploring all that Haven has to offer for mind, body and spiritual balance.


B.Y.O.M - Bring Your Own Yoga Mat & Cozy Blanket / Anything you need to feel warm and comfortable 

An Open Heart & Curious Mind


This is your time to give back to yourself and feel more connected to your own inner truth, power and light.