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Tarot and Intuition Workshop with Kate Van Horn

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Join Kate for an afternoon exploring Tarot and Intuition! We often shy away from intuitive practices like tarot, meditation and energy healing because we allow FEAR to block us from having the conversations our subconscious is calling for. What if we dropped into a space of support, even if that means exploring some shadows? What if we held space for one another as we processed and trusted our intuition to lead? Through a supportive community and inclusive circle for discussion, this workshop will not only explore the theme and structure of Tarot but most importantly open the conversation between workshop attendees. We'll explore the tarot through group exercises, and discover (or affirm) what our intuition already knows!


- Opening grounding exercise and meditation

- Tarot Card Overview / Themes and organization of the deck

- Individual Journaling and Reflection

- Tarot discussion and circle - Kate will guide attendees through choosing their own cards, coming up with THEIR interpretations then discussing and sharing as a group in a safe and supportive space

- Take home gifts from Nature's Way Brands

- All guests will receive a 50% discount on any personal readings or business mentorship sessions with Kate after the workshop

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Kate is a yoga instructor, wellness blogger and business mentor based in Los Angeles. She candidly shares her story and experiences with trauma, mental health and body image with her students and audience online. Through mindfulness and intuitive practices, Kate hopes to inspire others to radically accept themselves, their bodies, and move intuitively. She's also the co-founder of a wellness events business, The GOOD Fest, which hosts 1 day wellness festivals to empower and inspire 400+ women around the country. Kate's writing and teaching have been featured in mindbodygreen, Yoga Digest, YogiApproved and The Fullest.