Services offered

Haven offers a curated assortment of therapies to evoke your body's internal healing systems.  All of our practitioners have extensive knowledge, and each therapy can be combined to acheive maximum synergistic effect.



The healing and balancing power of acupuncture is born from the philosophy that physical pain and psychological stress are due to blockages in the body. These blockages prevent nutrients and energy from flowing optimally.  Acupuncture regulates stress response and strengthens the vascular and lymphatic systems. This helps unlock the blockages within our body's delicate web of interrelated organ systems. HAVEN provides an all natural, personalized approach to facilitate balance within you, and a setting that allows for you to find your own personal path to perfect health.

TREATING: acute/chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances and GI inflammation.  


Body Work

Body work can not only aid in relaxation and circulation but allow for neuro-integration, rejuvenating the nervous system, and allowing the mind to heal the body so it can be optimized. Massage also regulates oxytocin in the body, reduces inflammation, and boosts the immune system. We listen to our clients, hearing their expectations and the specifics of their lives so we can tailor sessions that leave them feeling restored. Our adept practitioners personalize each massage with their knowledge in a nurturing, safe, and professional atmosphere. 


Functional Medicine

Functional medicine uses the three body system approach to bring back harmony and balance to your life. Fatigue, anxiety, depression, PMS, infertility, weight issues, and digestive issues respond very well to this approach. We use a variety of labs to guide and track your health status and progression.  



Reiki is a hands-on gentle energy healing modality. The word itself is a Japanese word meaning "universal energy" and your Reiki practitioner channels this universal energy through their hands for your healing. Reiki sessions can help you clear energetic and emotional blocks, experience deep relaxation and release, drop into a meditative state, open your connection to your intuition and Source, relieve physical pain and discomfort, and more. You will leave feeling lighter, more balanced, and more open.